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Monday, November 30, 2009

to say thanks (part 3)

22. jumping off the back of trailers with family-who-became-friends for the perfect picture.

23. helping me find my promise ring. i hadn't even worn it much lately, opting for silver instead of gold, but i mourned when i couldn't find it. the pledge to purity wouldn't have changed without it, but the history tied to the ring itself means so much.

24. the right to shoot at coke cans in the middle of the woods.

25. sitting with a kindred spirit in chummy silence.

26. old pictures of friends and family, and getting to laugh at former hair/clothing choices.

27. joe and miranda. too much to even go into there...

28. that weird little thrill that goes up my spine and the little ache that pierces my heart when i hear certain chord progressions. eric whitaker's "waternight" does it every time.

29. big words. pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis being the most recent, notable example. transubstantiationalist is another fun one.

30. baking Christmas cookies at all hours of the night. scratch that--baking any cookies at all hours of the night.

31. warm, fuzzy sweaters--the kind that make you want to curl up in a ball with a mug of hot chocolate and a black-and-white movie.

32. black and white movies. "white Christmas." "arsenic and old lace." "his girl friday." "week-end at the waldorf." and others...

33. shopping online. maybe i should put that one in all caps and bold.

34. the smell of freshly brewed coffee, fresh-baked-bread, and day-old garbanzo bean soup.

35. less than a month to onething09.

36. ted dekker's novels and a vivid imagination. it's day two and i'm almost done...and ready for the next one.

37. the beautiful, crisp days over the thanksgiving holiday.

38. giving my aging grandmothers strength. giving me a good relationship with both.

39. the sacrifices of our soldiers overseas. pictures speak volumes. those who give themselves away for people they may never meet remind me of another Man who gave everything for me.

40. unexpected blessings, and pleasant surprises.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I love the Lord;

He led me out with rejoicing.

He brought me forth with singing.

He delivered me.

He planted me--

An olive tree in His tabernacle,

And my fruit is the oil of joy.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Through His Eyes

I will not fear the desert place--it is there that You speak to me with greatest tenderness.

I will not mourn lost popularity--You speak Your secrets to the solitary who will take time to listen.

I will not begrudge sleepless nights--You never slumber nor sleep, and keep a midnight vigil with me.

I will not despise small beginings--my lowly state draws Your heart.

I will not compromise holiness--Jesus balanced His time among tax collectors and sinners with isolating Himself in Your presence.

I will not avoid trials--You test those You love, discipline Your sons, and bring judgment to Your house before Your pour out Your Spirit.

I will not doubt Your word--it has never failed.

I will not cling to anything above You. I will not hesitate to sacrifice anything that stands between us--You will only fill hands that are empty.

Jesus...give us Your perspective...