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Monday, November 9, 2009

Through His Eyes

I will not fear the desert place--it is there that You speak to me with greatest tenderness.

I will not mourn lost popularity--You speak Your secrets to the solitary who will take time to listen.

I will not begrudge sleepless nights--You never slumber nor sleep, and keep a midnight vigil with me.

I will not despise small beginings--my lowly state draws Your heart.

I will not compromise holiness--Jesus balanced His time among tax collectors and sinners with isolating Himself in Your presence.

I will not avoid trials--You test those You love, discipline Your sons, and bring judgment to Your house before Your pour out Your Spirit.

I will not doubt Your word--it has never failed.

I will not cling to anything above You. I will not hesitate to sacrifice anything that stands between us--You will only fill hands that are empty.

Jesus...give us Your perspective...

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